Every animal deserves a chance, unfortunately for Frodo this chance was never granted.

He was found in 2016 with his 5 siblings, all of which were adopted and live happily with their families.

He was smallest in size, timid of them all, and through his medical exams we found out he was born with a sensitive liver – which has with proper diet and supplements grown to become healthy.

Frodo was very brave and determined to make it. He is still looking for his happy end – and we are also determined to make it happen for him.

He curretly lives in a foster home, he is short, very clever and very sweet – and he walks well on a leash.

He eats special food to keep healthy and does well on his frequent checkups.

He is a very sweet boy who needs a little but extra love and care to be able to trust life again.

He needs time to trust his person and he always wants to be the one to make the first move.